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World Wide Dreambuilders or World Wide Group?

WWG Namesake

Are you  World Wide  Dreambuilders?  World Wide  Group™? WWDB? 

We get a lot of questions from people about this. The short answer? Yes. We have, at some point, been  all  of  these things!  

First things first … here’s the history behind our name.  World Wide  Group™, as we’re known today, used to be known as  World Wide  Dreambuilders. This was based around the idea that our original “dreambuilders” and founders were striving to help people build their own dreams, day  after day. This incredible company was founded by two amazing and dedicated people who wanted something better for themselves and their family. But, because of their massive servant leadership hearts, they wanted the same dream for those around them.  

Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear were on the front lines of this company from day one, making sure the foundation and principles they believed in from their humble beginnings were carried out to every person they met. 

If you fast forward to  today,  you’ll find the same core values and teachings, the same foundations, and the same hard work being done every single day. Funny enough, 2020 looks a lot like the early days, with a little more technology, a little less hairspray, and a team of dedicated people carrying on the  World Wide  Group tradition.  (We  are all currently doing this remotely thanks to the current environment,  although when we get on our weekly Zoom™ meetings with all 47 employees, it’s apparent that we  all  are missing the office!  Our dogs and other pets would disagree.)  

Back to our namesake … 

When it comes to what to call us, which is correct?  

We are  World Wide  Group™, or WWG™ for short. We like both    so much,  in fact, that we use them both synonymously. We  used  to be known as  World Wide  Dreambuilders. The transition from  World Wide  Dreambuilders  to  World Wide  Group was related (like many things) to which  name was  actually available  for us to legally use in the corporate world.  World Wide  Group was wide  open, so we took it!  

There’s still a bit of confusion around our name,  because one of the departments  within  the company is still  called  “Dreambuilders.” This is our lovely group of Event Planners! This team plans events for thousands of people across the country on the regular. Without them, our hundreds of yearly events would be tiny and sad. Instead, our events are hugely successful, amazing, and inspiring to everyone in attendance. These cool people are the superstars of dream-building—hence the name,  Dreambuilders.  

Funny enough, the WWG organization has been known by many names:   

  • WWG™  
  • World Wide  Group 
  • World Wide  Group, LLC 
  • WWDB 
  • World Wide  Dreambuilders 
  • Dreambuilders 


You’ve likely heard several others as well. This probably has  something  to do with the fact that until the last year or so, we haven’t had much of an online presence. And as we all know, if it’s not online these days, it pretty much didn’t happen. That’s a teeny bit dramatic, but in many ways it’s true. Much of what we do as a company doesn’t translate to social media or the mainstream Internet that we all know and love—and that’s okay!   

We’re just trying to get out there and be on the forefront for all of you! In doing so, we’ve smashed all our ideas together, brainstormed for hundreds of hours, gone back-and-forth and up-and-down,  and jumped head-first into the deep-end of the pool. We realized that in order to grow, we needed to change. Change for us meant it was time to tell the world who we are, what we do, and  why  we love what we do.  

(Still have some  questions  about who we are? Here’s a video telling you all about us!)

We are WWG™

It was a big and scary jump for the entire organization, but one  that  we felt was important  to stay relevant, keep you informed, and show you  that we all  take our jobs  very  seriously  ... and that  we LOVE what we do and have fun doing it!  

We’re so happy you’re here. If you ever have  any  questions, comments, or suggestions,  we’re here for you, wherever you are.   Our goal at  World Wide  Group is to help you …  Build Your Life™   

World Wide  Group™ is an optional training and support system designed to help you build your Amway™ independent business. 

Let us know in the comments below what you love about the changes we’ve made in the last year, or what you think we still need to work on! Your feedback is our priority! 

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11 Responses

  1. I LOVE the new name! So concise and complete. We are forever dreambuilders, but, after all, we are a group! We are in it together! Thank you WWG TEAM! We love you.

  2. Great Job helping people understand what WWG is all about. Seems very contemporary – lots of little quips and zips. Congratulations to the people who put this together. It’s obvious that a lot of collaboration by a bunch of talented people who really cared, put this together. Thanks

  3. I am so grateful for WWG. Your blog section of WWGHQ is amazing. It has been a huge inspiration for me to change and grow. I have shared it with our team and they are loving it as a team building exercise. Thank you!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the information! Our lives have been so impacted by WWG! Glad to know the organization is keeping up with changes to stay in the forefront and will be available for our families for generations to come!

  5. Thank you WWG! You are an amazing group of hard working men and women! Thank you for all you do!

  6. I’d often wondered about the different names used to refer to WWG, and agree that World Wide Group is most definitely in keeping with society and norms of today. Thanks for all that you do for us. Who could have known that “virtual” Dream Night would become SO IMPORTANT to 2020 and our ongoing success? I know you’re not psychic but you must at the very least, be prescient. Kudos!!!👍🏼👊💎

  7. I honestly feel it’s a name totally devoid of meaning that lost the power the Puryear’s put into it. We are DREAM BUILDERS not just a group. I’m sad the name has no meaning and doesn’t reflect the why behind all we do. I’m not proud of it and see no value in what it’s supposed to reflect about us.

    1. Thank you for your comment, we appreciate your feedback. While the name “Dreambuilders” is not in the business name, it is still a department within WWG headquarters. Please know that everything we do at World Wide Group™ is for the benefit of you, the IBO. We are in support of all “dreambuilders” within this organization and we know you feel that! That being said we value every opinion and appreciate you taking the time to share yours. Thank you.

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